My Friend From Bleep
Day 1
Today Mama bought me this beautiful star journal! She says I can use it to write down things I see with my telescope... just like she does when she's writing her books!

Day 2
Today Daddy showed me how to find the North Star! He said first look for the Big Dipper, because that is always easy to find because of its shape. Then you can easily find the Little Dipper. The brightest star in the Little Dipper is at the end of its handle. That star is the North Star!
Day 3
Today Mama got me a box of pretty pastels! She said I can use them to draw pictures of stars and planets in my star journal!

Day 4
Tonight I saw a beautiful BLUE star! It is so pretty!  I wonder which star it is?  I will have to ask Daddy if he knows.

Day 5
Today Daddy let me look at some of his space books! They have so many pretty pictures! He said I can look at all the pictures and try to find out which stars I am looking at in the sky.  I hope I can find the name of the pretty blue star!

Day 6
Tonight I saw the pretty blue star again. It was so much bigger tonight. I wonder if it is getting closer???

Day 7
Today Daddy brought home a new telescope. It's GIANT! It's the biggest telescope I've ever seen! 
Day 8
Tonight I saw that blue star AGAIN, but this time I know for sure it is getting closer because I could see a little tiny green dot on the top of it. I wonder what it is???

Day 9
It rained today all day. Yuck! So I couldn't go up to the top of the crooked mountain to look at the stars. Good thing I have my own little blue telescope and can look out the window of our treehouse whenever I want!

Day 10
Tonight Daddy had some people from the University come up to the top of our crooked mountain to look through our GIANT telescope. They were very funny and told lots of good stories! He even let me come along even though it was very late at night!!!

Day 11
Tonight I saw that blue star again.  It has a pink glow around it, and a green dot that kind of looks like it's beeping.  I wonder what it is???
Emma Lee is drawing more pictures and will share them soon!
Emma Lee's Star Journal

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